Just a Red Herring Part I (Clue)

By Ash Dragmire

Let’s play a game!

I am a huge fan of the movie Clue and the board game as well. So I was excited to see the movie is now streaming on Hulu. I just have to watch it. However, before I watch it again, I am going to make a sheet to help figure out the killer or killers.

For those of you who have never seen the movie, Clue has three different endings. The first two endings have a single character killer. I remember one of the two answers. The third ending has every main character kill one of the supporting characters. The third ending is considered the official correct ending. This is where the fun begins. Can you figure out who killed whom and with what weapon? Let’s come up with a cheat sheet to help us solve the mystery.

First, let’s write the six main characters names down on a sheet of paper.   We have Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mr. Green and my favorite Mrs. Peacock. She is my favorite because in the 1986’s version of the game, the one I played as a kid, she was the only one who could get in a room on their first roll of the die, if you got a 6. But wait; in the film’s version, there is Wadsworth, the butler and the host of the night’s activity. Is he a murderer/conspirator or is he a red herring? Let’s write him down as well. Now, what about the maid, Yvette? Is she just a victim and a killer?  We better include her, too.

Now, we need the weapons and the victims written down for reference.   Below is an easy to refer to chart:

Suspects Weapon Victims
Miss Scarlet Revolver Mr. Boddy
Mrs. White Knife Cook
Colonel Mustard Lead Pipe Motorist
Professor Plum Candlestick Maid
Mr. Green Wrench Cop
Mrs. Peacock Rope Telegram Girl


This is a list of all of the information we need. As victims end up dead, record the weapon used and write down who you believe could have killed the person. There can be multiple possible killers due to the multiple endings. Just remember for the third ending each killer only gets to kill the one person they would most likely want to see dead.

We are set to watch the movie! Listen to what each character says. They will give you clues as to who knows whom prior to tonight’s events and what their jobs are. I would write down professions, since it will give us links to other characters. Facial expressions and avoidance behavior will also help you see anybody that seems to know a little more than they want to admit. Pay attention to who is in possession of each weapon throughout the movie. We better record this as we go, it might help. Finally, where is every character in each scene? Notice how there is often a missing person from the main six when they run and find a new body. Something tells me that they are up to no good.

So get your pause button ready and let’s watch. Pause the movie just before the ends start and see if you can guess the three endings. But wait there’s more, supposedly there was a fourth ending that wasn’t included in the movie. Can you come up with another ending?

This post will be followed up with another post about endings. Did you find these clues helpful, did I miss anything that would be helpful to others?

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