Don’t Worry About It (Viral)

By: Ash Dragmire

I recently watched the movie Viral (2016). It got me thinking about what would happen if some sort of fast spreading disease or parasite would suddenly start spreading. The movie has the virus start in China and spread out from there. The US federal government doesn’t stop air traffic or close its boarders. They choose to test people for signs of the infection as they enter and exit a plane. Apparently the president forgot about other modes of travel.

As one would assume, this is not going to work and the disease hits the United States rather quickly. The Government tries to tell everyone not to worry, while they quarantine the infected cities. Eventually, they declare martial law after it is too late and the infection has grown outside of containment.

I hope something like this wouldn’t happen. However, if such a deadly outbreak were to occur, I actually think this is what would happen. The government doesn’t know what to do.   They don’t want to tell the world’s population the truth and cause a wide spread panic. This gives the infection a few days to spread, before a plan is in place to contain the spread. Due to globalization, a similar disease will be able to take over a large section of the world before the government has time or know-how to react.

In the movie, the city doesn’t take the infection seriously. Why should they, the government isn’t acting like it is that big of a deal? All of these teenagers throw a big party because they don’t have to go to school.  I’m sure everyone knows where this is going, so no more spoilers. I have seen people do this before, so it isn’t a stretch of the imagination. While in college, during the San Diego fires, people were partying because class was cancelled.

What would I have done in this situation, if I were the President of the United States? The first order would be to immediately suspend all travel of both people and goods until the severity of the situation could be addressed. I would quickly inform the world’s population of the seriousness and quarantine any outbreaks within my boarders. I would encourage my peers to do the same. I know that panic could spread, but I would assure everyone that we are working in their best interest. Would I succeed? I am sure it wouldn’t be pretty, but I hope I do.


What would you do?


Movie Review: Now back to the movie, overall the movie is interesting and entertaining but realistically it’s only an average movie. I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody but horror fans or apocalyptic fans.  However, if you are a Machine Gun Kelly fan, it’s worth checking out.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About It (Viral)

  1. If anything, I think the movie is not creative enough. Modern themes such as genetically enhanced food being wiped out in a plague due to lack of genetic diversity, CRISPR and altering DNA making people outcasts or more susceptible to a disease, targeting of “undesirables” at the genetic level through a virus that is intentionally released, and AI making decisions as to what is allowed through a border or not are all themes that could’ve been explored, for example. What if AI saw that people were being killed through the virus and decided that people were a liability for its operation? Instead of fighting the virus, it could decide to allow the virus to kill people. Just an idea.

    As to what I would do, it’s kind of boring, really. Even though the movie is called “Viral”, it was about a parasitic worm. Parasites are easily killed through medication and consciousness campaigns. I would just crank production of whatever kills the worm, record some public service announcements that air every hour, and make sure the affected areas can get the medication. I definitely wouldn’t close the borders. Unless I’m the President of Madagascar in which case SHUT.DOWN.EVERYTHING!

    1. I agree that all of those options would have made for a better movie, especially if AI was overseeing the death of all humans.

      The movie takes place over roughly two weeks. The parasite seemed to be different from any known kind. Therefore, the medication aspect would be difficult to determine its effectiveness over such a brief time period. Due to time constraints, I’m still voting for containment, but I like your PSA.

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