The Process (3%)

By: Ash Dragmire

I love a good thriller and Netflix has hit a home run with 3%.

Synopsis: The show takes place in a not too distant future where the world is very impoverished. The population is overcrowded, starving and with rampant crime. Every year, all of the twenty-year- olds get a chance to go through “the Process” to prove they are worthy of a better life on an island paradise called the Offshore. The whole ordeal is run by previous participants who passed the Process and who will be called “Islanders” in the post for clarity. The name of the show tells you what percentage gets to pass. This show follows a group of twenty-year-olds going through the Process and how a group of terrorist has been created to destroy the Process, since they think it’s unfair.

If you haven’t seen it, then I highly recommend watching. Spoilers will follow!

We watched this show really fast. The episodes were compelling, but one thing kept annoying me. The main girl going through the process is a part of the terrorist group. She is undercover and joined the terrorist after she was told her brother was killed during the Process. I wanted to know why the Islanders didn’t know about her and her past. I felt like the Islanders should have kept a record of everyone that has died, since there is a terrorist group at large. Recruitment of individuals looking for revenge would be easy for someone that has lost a family member, due to the Process.

The best way to get someone to believe in any cause is to create an enemy that you both can hate. Then, you can work together to take them down. This creates trust and comradery, while helping the person grieve. The Process itself is creating recruits against it as it kills people involved.

When I got to the end and saw that the brother was alive and on the Island. I was both angered and excited by this revelation. This showed that the Process did not fail in screening potential terrorist. However, it did show a flaw that the Process needs to do a better job to prevent the radicalization of the inland citizens. A simple letter, call or summons of some sort to all family members of the new 3% would have prevented the terrorist from being able to recruit some members. Instead, the family is told nothing and left to believe whatever they want to believe. Their family member could have been killed or is one of the 3% that passed.

One of the challenges in the Process, which is my favorite part, was the cube challenge. You had to make nine cubes with fragmented parts within a specified time period. One of the participants stole someone else cube to move on. I thought stealing the cube to show how far you would go was genius. The main character only had eight cubes at the end; however, the guy next to her shoved them all together to make one giant cube. Eight cubes plus one giant cube equals nine cubes. As I watched, I wondered if I would be able to complete the process. Certain test like the corridor where you have to rely on everyone to pass would be really difficult. The cube challenge I think would be easy. Nevertheless, I’m not sure I would get passed the interview. I naturally get incredibly nervous and would set off the alarms as I sat down. Thus, my Process would end before it even began.

I can’t wait for Season 2, which has been green lit. Two of the characters, Fernando and Joana got to the end of the Process, but was nixed at the very end for reasons you have to watch to know. With Fernando’s intelligence and Joana’s strong will, they can become very dangerous enemies to the Islanders.

How far through the Process would you make it? Was there any part of the show that troubled you?

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