Just a Red Herring Part II (Clue)

By: Ash Dragmire

For Part I, click here.

Now is the time to discuss the many different endings of Clue and see if we can figure out the infamous fourth ending that was not filmed. Could we even make a fifth ending?

Wadsworth does a great job of recapping the events of the night, so I will skip explaining most of what happened.

Order Victim Weapon Possibilities Reason
1st Cook Knife Peacock, Yvette MIA
2nd Boddy Candlestick Peacock, Plum, Yvette MIA, job failure
3rd Motorist Wrench Mustard, Scarlet, White, Wadsworth Time and Opportunity
4th Cop Lead pipe Wadsworth, Scarlet, Mustard, White, Green, Yvette Time and Opportunity
5th Yvette Rope Wadsworth, Scarlet, Mustard, White, Green Time and Opportunity
6th Telegram Girl Gun Wadsworth, Scarlet, Mustard, White, Green Time and Opportunity


Important information to remember is that every victim knew someone. The Cook worked for Peacock, Boddy was the blackmailer, the Motorist was Mustard’s driver, the Cop was on the take from Scarlet and knew Yvette, the telegram girl was Plum’s patient/fling and then there’s Yvette. She is an interesting character. She was sleeping with Mustard in the blackmail photos, worked for Scarlet and was sleeping with White’s husband.

The first ending had Yvette and Scarlet working together to off the night’s victims. This works perfectly with timing, opportunity and motive.


The second ending with Peacock killing everyone works for the first two murders, but I take issue with the other murders.   The film shows that Plum and Peacock don’t separate for the other four murders. I kept watching closely to make sure.   Furthermore, they emphasized this by having them come out of the basement together, when the lights came back on. This one falls apart unless Plum is in on it, which he doesn’t appear to be. This ending fails in regards to timing and opportunityThis ending is questionable.

The official and third ending with Peacock killing the cook, Plum killing Boddy, Mustard killing the motorist, Scarlet killing the cop, White killing Yvette and Wadsworth killing the telegram girl works perfectly.

What about the fourth ending? The only thing I could come up with had to have Yvette working with one of the other guest to kill off the first two victims.   Anyone but Plum and Peacock could finish off the rest. So, who would work with Yvette? Would White do it? She already killed off her husbands, so why not a few more people. Would Mustard do it? Yes, he already sold government secrets for money, so he has no morals. Mr. Green doesn’t know Yvette, so he is out. We already know Scarlet was the killer in the first ending, she’s out. This just leaves Wadsworth who could do it, especially if he is the real blackmailer.

Which brings us to the official fourth ending. In it, Wadsworth kills all the victims and poisons all of the guests. Wadsworth knows all of the secret passages, so he could have killed everyone. Nevertheless, he would have to be faster than Usain Bolt to get to the cook and back in the few seconds the lights were out. When everyone races to the kitchen, he stays behind, kills Boddy and rejoins the group in the kitchen. Plausibility is low, but it makes for a fun ending. However, Wadworth is better as a red herring.

My personal favorite would have been Mustard killing everyone with the help of Yvette. Which ending is your favorite? Do you wish they filmed the official fourth ending?

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