Warcraft: A David and Goliath Matchup (Spoilers)

By: Ash Dragmire

E3 was this past week and in honor of all of the new games being announced, I wanted to watch a video game turned into a movie. I decided to start with Warcraft, which happens to be one of my favorite childhood games. I grew up playing the single player Blizzard entertainment games, before everything went online.

Now I must admit, I heard horrible things about the movie and my expectations were pretty low. The movie really surprised me. The character development could have been better, but it was entertaining and highly watchable. I didn’t find myself wanting to shut off the movie, instead I stayed up an half hour later than normal to finish the movie.

The best part of the movie is the final fight scene. The human and head tribe orc go one-on-one. I figured that this would be a long drawn out battle, but it wasn’t. A simple slide under the orc’s legs while cutting through his guts was all it took to take out the most powerful  non-magical enemy. I was shocked. It was a complete surprise and felt like David verses Goliath. How could they kill him so easy? However, this is where the brilliance comes in. It showed the genius of the main human character. He didn’t have to rely on anything but cunning to take out his enemy. He had already fought several orcs. He knew their fighting style, so he adjusted his tactics and made an easy victory out of what should have been his death.

I think most writers and directors would have insisted on a long drawn out fight scene of at least ten minutes or more. The hope would be to create lots of hype for a possible sequel and to show off how great they are at making action scenes. The short and quick fight scene was really the best ending possible.

Overall, I have to say that this was a good game to movie crossover. Another good game turned movie is Hitman. I highly recommend this one.

What is your favorite game turned movie? We are open to recommendations.

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