Watch With Us

It’s time for the June Movie lineup.  We are watching the following:

TV Series:

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (2016) -This docudrama details the reign of Commodus.


Week 1:

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) -This movie takes us on a trip in Peggy Sue’s past as she relives her life and gets the chance to change some of her major decisions. It starts at her 25-year high school reunion and her waking up back in high school as a student.  Currently streaming on Hulu

Week 2:

Fire in the Sky (1993)- A group of men are traveling home after work and one gets abducted by a UFO. This docudrama details the events that follow. Currently streaming on Hulu

Week 3:

Moana (2016)- A young girl sails off on a mission to save the world. Along the way, she is met with monsters, demigods and self-doubt. Will start streaming on Netflix on June 20th

Week 4:

Desperado (1995)– The second in the Mariachi trilogy, Desperado is about a man who takes on the last of the infamous drug lords. Currently streaming on Hulu


Theater: The Old Globe (San Diego)

The Imaginary Invalid: Please follow link for more information on the play.

For all of you that are under 30, you are eligible for discounted tickets! We took advantage of this program, until we aged out!   We still have a good time, albeit, not discounted.


We will start discussions on the movies after the scheduled week.  We will discuss the Plays and TV series starting in July.  We are open to suggestions. Be sure to join us!